Revision Variant Classic 74A Indoor Roller Hockey Wheel

Revision Variant Classic 74A Indoor Roller Hockey Wheel

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The Variant Classic is Revision's OG that put them on the map in the high end hockey world. Their original Torus Technology is an Integrated Structure Ring(ISR) that allows players to skate on three distinct edges. The hollow Torus design stays firm when a skater is on his top edge and looking for max speed. When turning or stopping, the Torus stretches putting more urethane on the playing surface to maximize contact patch. These characteristics all add up to give skaters everything they want from a performance hockey wheel. 







Rating Toughness Player Weight Description
74A X-Soft Under 150 lbs. Extra gripping power. Not recommended for large players.
76A Soft 150 - 170 lbs. Still grippy but with more speed than an X-Soft wheel.
78A Medium 170 - 190 lbs. Better for slightly larger players wanting grip without a major reduction in speed.
80A Hard Over 190 lbs. Faster speeds with lower gripping power. Also for outdoor use.