Reebok Ribcor Stick


Reebok Ribcor Stick

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430 grams


RIBCOR shaft - Helps increase power transfer from your hands directly to the puck.


SXX Blade - A blade that gets stiffer from heel to toe for improved accuracy.


A power taper ratio of 2.3 : 1 - More vertical stiffness means less energy wasted down into the ice, all your effort goes into fully loading the stick.


The ideal fiber orientation - A sandwich of composite fiber that has 45° orientation on the forehand and backhand to store and release energy and a 90° middle for strength and stability

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Stick Kick Point Shaft Type Blade Core Weight (Sr.)
Ribcor Low-mid Ribcor Shaft w/ Tri Matrix SXX 430g
25K Low-mid Ribcor Shaft w/ Tri Matrix SXX 465g
24K Low-mid Easy-to-load w/ Tri Matrix SXX 515g
23K Low-mid Easy-to-load SXX 570g