Graf Ultra G9035 Ice Skates (75 Flex) Senior


Graf Ultra G9035 Ice Skates (75 Flex) Senior

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The Graf 9035 hits a fine balance between performance and fit never seen in this era. Building off years of expertise in fit, this new Graf boot not only allows the player a customized amount of flex but idea of heel lock and comfort. Building off of decades of success building hand made leather skates, this boot maintains that same high standard of fit while exceeding competitors in skating performance and quality. One of the few skates still being produced in CANADA, the 9035 gives each player the option to customize their flex and choose how they would like their to react.


MCI CARBON FIBER/IONOMER QUARTER PANEL provides strength and stiffness while remaining flexible around the ankle. The quarter's construction is extremely soft when heat molded to form to every contour of the foot. Once the skate is cooled down, the MEMORY FOAM PADDING maintains its shape extremely well for a secure fit. Another interesting feature is the asymmetrical quarter panels. The interior lacing column is extended farther than the exterior, allowing for more forward flex without compromising fit. Each size is available in 75, 85 and 95 flex which will determine the amount of give that the boot allows during play. .


Green SWEAT-PROOF 3D LINER is non absorbent and stays light even after hours of play.


LIGHTWEIGHT FORM FIT ANKLE PADS feature premolded ankle pockets and are extremely heat maintain fit throughout the life of the skate.


ANATOMICALLY SHAPED TOE CAP provides maximum protection and comfort. It has been made wider than in previous years.


A thick WHITE FELT heat moldable tongue with a flex insert protects the foot from lace bite and pucks while allowing for increased range of motion. The thickness of the tongue counters some of the added depth from the expanded interior eyelet to maintain a secure fit but not over compress the foot when tightened.


SIDAS technology footbed


Light Texalite outsole provides toe to heel torsion resistance while in play.


COBRA ULTRA 5000 Made In Italy. Non-porous ultra light polymer 12 material is the highest quality material used on any holder in the hockey industry.




Broad Fit Range: Medium Heel Width - Moderately Pronounced Heel - Medium Instep

Senior Sizing

Skate Size US Shoe Size EUR Shoe Size UK Shoe Size CM
6.0 7.0 N/A 6.0 24.8
6.5 7.5 40.0 6.5 25.3
7.0 8.0 40.5 7.0 25.6
7.5 8.5 41.0 7.5 26.1
8.0 9.0 42.0 8.0 26.5
8.5 9.5 42.5 8.5 26.9
9.0 10.0 43.0 9.0 27.4
9.5 10.5 44.0 9.5 27.8
10.0 11.0 44.5 10.0 28.3
10.5 11.5 45.0 10.5 28.7
11.0 12.0 45.5 10.0 28.3
11.5 12.5 46.0 11.5 29.4
12.0 13.0 47.0 12.0 29.8
13.0 13.5 48.5 13.0 30.6
14.0 14.0 49.5 14.0 31.4
15.0 14.5 51.0 15.0 32.2