Fast Hands Pro Stick Handling Trainer

Fast Hands Pro Stick Handling Trainer

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Fast Hands are proudly manufactured in Michigan USA using computerized pipe bending machines and precision welds. I¨m talking cold hard steel with a 1 inch diameter x .083 wall thickness finished with durable powder coat paint. Fast Hands are built to last a lifetime and it's the one hockey tool in your family that will be passed down from one generation of hockey players to the next. Fast Hands are a fun, inexpensive training aid that will help your kids develop the most fundamental skill in hockey stickhandling!!

All aspects of stick handling can be practiced using Fast Hands including:

  • Expansion of reach
  • Figure 8s
  • Quick Sticks
  • Soft touch
  • Wide dribble
  • Bait cup go around
  • Toe drag deception

Fast Hands Training Tips:

  • We recommend using a Green Biscuit for dryland training. It's more realistic than a ball for better results.
  • Complete each drill for at least 5-10 repetitions increasing your tempo as you go. The faster the better!
  • 25 excellent drills are provided but be creative, use your imagination and come up with your own variations and movement patterns. Challenge yourself and your teammates!