Easton Velocity V9E Elite Stick


Easton Velocity V9E Elite Stick

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The Easton Velocity V9 Hockey Sticks are co-headlining the new Easton Velocity stick line alongside the V9E. The V9 uses the Traditional Taper Profile that was found on the Mako II sticks. After years of researching how hockey players score, Easton's V9 stick optimizes velocity through puck position, blade angle and energy transfer. The HyperToe Technology aids in this process because the stiffened toe and softened tapered section allows players to load even more energy into their shot, thus resulting in a lightning quick shot release with insane velocity.

The Velocity V9 looks to build on the success accomplished by the Mako II sticks. The V9 uses a Traditional Tuned Taper that was also used in the Mako II's, offering a great balance of power with a quick shot release. Working hand in hand with the taper is the all new HyperToe blade construction. The middle of the blade has been softened while the toe has been stiffened due to the addition of extra internal support ribs to provide a big jump in stiffness. This allows the middle portion of the blade to slightly flex, functioning like the shaft to provide even more velocity while the toe remains extra stiff for excellent accuracy. Easton continued to improve on the previous Mako II blade with the new Segmented Blade Core that utilizes Airex foam. This foam is aerospace quality that provides an even better puck feel and increased responsiveness.

The shaft of the Easton Velocity V9 stick uses the Uni-Carbon Construction that universally aligns the carbon fibers vertically from top to bottom. This was first seen in the top of the line Mako II stick because it gave players a lighter and stronger shaft that is very efficient at transferring energy than the previous Kevlar shaft construction. Easton also looked to expand it's offering of dual-lie curves that are pivotal for getting the maximum velocity out of a player's shot. The E3, E28 and E36 dual-lie curves create the optimal blade angle when shooting because it keeps the puck on the toe while raising the heel slightly off the ice to allow the blade to fully load, providing insane shot velocity.

  • Heritage: Mako II
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Construction: Fused Two-Piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Straight Sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Low kick
  • Weight: 429 grams (based on E36 curve, 85 flex)

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Final Sale

Please note that this item is not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds under any circumstances.

Blade Comparison Chart

Stick Kick Point Shaft Geometry Blade Core Weight (Sr.)
V9E Low w/ Elliptical taper Concave Segmented w/ HyperToe 430g
V9 Low w/ Thin taper Pro Segmented w/ HyperToe 430g
V7 Low w/ Thin taper Squared Corners Segmented w/ HyperToe 460g
V5E Low w/ Elliptical taper Squared Corners Segmented w/ HyperToe 500g
V3 Low w/ Thin taper Squared Corners Segmented 530g
V1E Low w/ Elliptical profile Squared Corners Segmented 539g