Easton Mako II Ice Skates


Easton Mako II Ice Skates

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The utmost focus on player performance as well as fit and comfort has led to an uncompromising last shape that defines the MAKO II SKATE.

Quarter Panel:

ADAPTIVE RX thermoplastic is an extremely heatmodlal ematerial with a higher temperautre tolerance than any other boot allowing for a very customized fit.

EC100 Composite Construction: 100% carbon fiber construction for better energy transfer and responsiveness in turns. No energy is lost from the leg down into the ice.

Specifically tuned asymmetric patterns in the interior and exterior quarter panels combined with the torsion control of the MI MONOCOQUE CHASSIS allow for tighter turns and directional changes. This design promotes optimal PUSH DIRECTION, where the skates fall in line with direction of travel to generate speed and power through cornering


Hydrophobic lining works with drainage system to reduce moisture inside the boot and keep the skate light.


New Multi-Density with injected metatarsal protection

Toe Cap:

REINFORCED TOE PROTECTION provides layered composie that places specific materials were you need them to keep your feet safe.

Tendon Guard:

The EXTENDON active TENDON GUARD allows the leg to naturally extend back beyond the skate at the end of each stride resulting in more ice contact and greater toe flick.


New Multi-Density ortholite


Easton CXN Holder is made of durable Zytel material and designed with an aggressive forward pitch.


Aggressive Blade Pitch of the R9 Runner - Aggressive blade pitch puts the player in a dynamic athletic position for explosive take off and faster reaction time. Additionally, this stance allows you to get over the front of the skate and direct more downforce into the ice.

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Please note that this item is not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds under any circumstances.

Senior Sizing

Skate Size US Shoe Size EUR Shoe Size UK Shoe Size
6.0 7.5 39.0 7.0
6.5 8.0 40.0 7.5
7.0 8.5 40.5 8.0
7.5 9.0 41.0 8.5
8.0 9.5 42.0 9.0
8.5 10.0 42.5 9.5
9.0 10.5 43.0 10
9.5 11.0 44.0 10.5
10.0 11.5 44.5 11.0
10.5 12.0 45.0 11.5
11.0 12.5 45.5 12.0
11.5 13.0 46.0 12.5
12.0 13.5 47.0 13.0


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