CCM Tacks 9080 Grip Intermediate Composite Stick


CCM Tacks 9080 Grip Intermediate Composite Stick

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The new Tacks 9080 pushes the boundaries of performance and will become the new standard for Mid-Kick point sticks. The stiffness profile has been optimized for a longer loading period, while also providing great stability and control. Not only can players benefit from a great loading stick, it also feels better than ever. The new X-Flow technology allows for a 10g weight reduction while improving compaction for better durability.


Optimized Mid Kick Point for a for a longer loading period which increases the energy stored, while the stiff taper maximizes stability.


X-Flow Technology: An optimized molding technology which allows for better compaction of the fibers: increased durability and lighter weight.


The ACU2 Blade is a unique layup which allows us to have a light blade while maintaining its stiffness for a more accurate shot.


C6 Weave on the blade and on shaft provides great all around stiffness and strength for added durability on the shaft and blade.


Designed with the help of Elite women’s hockey players and a cross-section of youth players, rounded corners and concave sides for better control and comfort .

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