CCM Tacks 4R Pro Junior Hockey Gloves

CCM Tacks 4R Pro Junior Hockey Gloves

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The Tacks 4R Pro gloves focus on a crafted fit that pro players seek when choosing their gloves. The classic fit feels natural, while providing a classic look and a high level of protection.

The protection of the 4R Pros are something pros marvel at, as well. The finger and backhand construction includes strategic breaks to improve overall mobility, while not sacrificing the excellent fit or comfort. the open-segmented cuff provides top-end protection while assisting with wrist mobility for crazy dekes or long stretch passes. Dual density foam with PE inserts surround both the fingers and backhand to always keep you safe from the other players on the ice.

Comfort and performance go hand-in-hand with the Nash palm. You'll receive long-term durability with a soft feel for an improved grip on your stick. The flexible thumb (only on senior model) increases mobility and, again, keeps the stick in your hands with an improved feel.

Constructed with Pro-Selected Polyester and P.U. Synthetic Leather to maximize fit and comfort, the Tacks 4R Pros are made for players looking to get the most out of their gloves in big games at big moments.