CCM SuperTacks 2019 Youth Hockey Stick (30 Flex)


CCM SuperTacks 2019 Youth Hockey Stick (30 Flex)

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  • Perfectly designed for young players
  • Lightweight blade helps players lift the puck
  • Grip located through shaft

With a smaller circumference designed specifically for youth players, the CCM Super Tacks youth stick provides young players a stick that feels made just for them. The rigors of the game are better learned thanks to a geometry at which players at this age thrive.

A stiff and lightweight blade design allows players to not only feel the puck better, but lift it on shots and passes, as well. The full-length grip on the shift maximizes control and teaches less rotation in the young player's hands.

Technical Features

Level of Play Recreational; Beginner Player
Construction Carbon Composite
Shaft Design Smaller Edges for Better Puck Feel
Grip Grip Surface
Blade Design Stiff & Lightweight
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer