CCM Super Tacks Junior Hockey Gloves


CCM Super Tacks Junior Hockey Gloves

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Gloves should feel like extensions of your hands, not stones weighing you down. CCM manufactured the Super Tacks gloves with this in mind, utilizing D30 Smart Material on fingers and the backhand to provide lightweight and super protection that allows you to move free of restriction.

Working alongside the D30 Smart Material are pro-level PE form and PE inserts throughout the fingers and backhand. The two-piece flexible thumb (found only on the senior version) increases mobility for a much better grip.

The fit of the Super Tacks gloves is as comfortable and customized as they come. The adjusted fit includes an open, three-piece segmented cuff for improved stickhandling control. The Pro-Selected Polyester adds to the comfort, working as a lightweight, durable material.

Players will love the new NHL Clarino palm with reinforcements for a pro-level feel that is high quality and extremely durable.

CCM Tacks equipment users have become accustomed to gear that focuses on lower weight and a true fit from player-to-gear. The CCM Super Tacks gloves have brought that relationship to a new level.