CCM Ribcor Trigger2 PMT Stick Senior


CCM Ribcor Trigger2 PMT Stick Senior

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The CCM Ribcor Trigger2 PMT is the top-of-the-line stick in the Ribcor family and is ideal for elite-level players who want incredible puck feel and a lightning-fast low-kick point. The enhanced flex zone allows players to have maximum energy which creates a crossbow effect while shooting which makes the shot get released with max energy and force.

A huge new upgrade for the new Trigger2 PMT stick is the all new ASCENT BLADE 3. It is a much lighter and stronger blade with a tactile surface. It provides elite puck control along with amazing puck feel and great accuracy. This stick also has SIGMATEX which is an exclusive ultra lightweight fabric that when it's combined with the ASCENT BLADE 3 you're getting the best performing RIBCOR stick.


POPMATRIX TECHNOLOGY WITH RE-ENGINEERED TAPER- maximize bending and efficiently transfer the energy stored


Ascent Blade 3 Lighter blade that features tactile blade surface


SIGMATEX Exclusive spread tow fabric that is ultra lightweight, and very strong.


OPTIMIZED RIBCOR LOW KICK Allows players to store maximum energy


422 grams

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