CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT Senior Grip Composite Stick


CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT Senior Grip Composite Stick

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  • Optimized Ribcor Low Kick Point provides a short loading period that benefits players looking for quickness of release
  • X-Flow advanced molding technology provides quality, durability and consistency while reducing the weight of the stick
  • Stigmatex weave provides strength and resilience

Last year's Ribcor Trigger 2 model provided players with an almost unheard-of release that made goalies cringe. So, why make any changes to a stick that was already as powerful as they come? This year, CCM used the Trigger 2 as a base and then improved upon it's own enhancements, providing more pop thanks to re-designed Pop Matrix technology, as well as the newly released X-Flow molding system that provides a higher quality and consistency throughout the entire shaft. Excess resin and voids are removed during the molding process, improving overall durability and reducing stick weight to provide you with a balanced, heavy-loading stick.

Featuring an optimized low kick point Ribcor players have grown accustomed to, the Trigger 3D PMT utilizes Sigmatex technology that creates a lightweight, yet durable, shaft. This works in conjunction with the enhanced Pop Matrix, providing a gradual transition from top to bottom, creating maximum torque, bend and flex. You'll be ripping shots with powerful accuracy in manner that feels almost effortless.

The Ascent Blade 3 features a tactile surface to heighten your overall puck feel. The blade also features added reinforcements in the heel and toe to help prevent breakage, while adding balance throughout.

Are you ready to start creating new ways to score? CCM has developed a stick that not only creates a booming release, but allows you to feel comfortable with any puck movement you want to try thanks to a lightness and balance you will notice the minute the puck finds your stick.

Technical Features

Level of Play Elite
Kick Point Ribcor Optimized Low kick point
Construction Stigmatex with X-Flow Technology
Shaft Design Intermediate Geometry
Grip Grip Surface
Blade Design Ascent Blade 3
Weight 415 grams
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer