CCM Ribcor Pro PMT Stick Senior


CCM Ribcor Pro PMT Stick Senior

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The CCM Ribcor Pro PMT is the second-tier stick in the Ribcor family and is ideal for advanced-level players who want incredible puck feel and a lightning-fast low-kick point. The enhanced flex zone allows players to have maximum energy which creates a crossbow effect while shooting which makes the shot get released with max energy and force.

A huge new upgrade for the new Pro PMT stick is the all new ASCENT BLADE CONSTRUCTION. It is a much lighter and stronger blade. It provides elite puck control along with amazing puck feel and great accuracy.


Optimized Low-Kick Point - Ideal for a shooter who's looking to get a shot off quickly.


Ascent Blade Construction Softened heel provides enhanced puck feel for technical stick handling while the stiff toe continues to deliver deadly accuracy and a quick release.


Improved lightweight design removes unnecessary weight. It has a better-balanced feel in the hands.


454 grams


OPTIMIZED RIBCOR LOW KICK Allows players to store maximum energy

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