CCM Ribcor 63K Intermediate Composite Stick


CCM Ribcor 63K Intermediate Composite Stick

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  • Engineered low kick point that drives quickness of release
  • Easy to Load Technology that features an optimized flex ratio 
  • SXX2 blade with increased stiffness from heel to toe for a quicker release

The Ribcor line has long been a shooter's favorite, thanks to its ability to crank shots with maximum pop and great torque. The Ribcor 63K, 2018's fourth Ribcor release, meets a shooter's desires, thanks to a seamless energy transfer for maximum bending and a blade that allows for insanely quick releases.

The easy-to-load technology found throughout the shaft creates a gradual transition from shaft to blade, allowing for the low kick point to do its job and provide you with easy load and a surprisingly quick release. Due to the more natural bend and speed of the release, the taper allows for better compaction of fibers through an optimized molding process. This increases the stick's durability and provides you with a lightweight composite stick.

The SXX2 blade material helps you notice an all-around stiffness throughout the mid-level stick's blade, while strength surrounds it to provide you with an excellent feel for the puck. This helps create a pop in your release that will rival any other stick at this price point.

Technical Features

Level of Play Recreational
Kick Point Low kick point
Construction Easy to Load Technology
Shaft Design T-Geometry
Grip Grip Surface
Blade Design SXX2
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer

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