CCM Ribcor 46K Stick


CCM Ribcor 46K Stick

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500 Grams


Pre-Loaded Ribcor Shaft - Helps increase power transfer from your hands directly to the puck.


SXX2 Blade - Stiffness profile that goes from stiff in the heel to extra stiffer in the toe which helps get that puck off quickly.


A Power Taper Ratio of 3:1 - More vertical stiffness means that less energy is wasted down into the ice and more energy is transferred all the way through to the blade.


Low Kick Point - The stick will load very easily for that quick and surprising release.

Blade Comparison Chart

Stick Low-Kick Point Shaft Construction Shaft Geometry Shaft Taper Blade Core Blade Wrap
Reckoner Yes PopMatrix Technology reinforced with Technora Traditional 3:1 Power Taper ratio Ascent blade CCM Proprietary
48K Yes PopMatrix Technology Traditional 3:1 Power Taper ratio SXX2 blade CCM Proprietary
46K Yes Pre-loaded Ribcor shaft Traditional 3:1 Power Taper ratio SXX2 blade CCM Proprietary
44K Yes Easy to load technology Traditional 3:1 Power Taper ratio SXX blade CCM Proprietary


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