CCM Ribcor 40K Stick Senior


CCM Ribcor 40K Stick Senior

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The original Ribcor has been taken to the next level of performance. Still featuring the unique RIBCOR geometry that puts the carbon fiber in tension for an explosive release, we have added a brand new material in TECHNORA for unsurpassed durability.


425 grams


Pre-loaded RIBCOR shaft, with TECHNORA reinforcement - Amazing durability with unsurpassed energy transfer.


SXX2 Blade - New blade construction for an optimized stiffness profile: stiff in the heel to extra stiff in toe, helps keep the blade square to the target.


A power taper ratio of 3:1 - More vertical stiffness means less energy wasted down into the ice, all your effort goes into fully loading the stick.


The ideal fiber orientation - a sandwich of 90° fibers between two sets of 45° fibers The 45° fibers store and release energy, while the 90° fibers in the middle add strength and stability.


105 Flex - 62"

95 Flex - 62"

85 Flex - 60"

75 Flex - 58"

Blade Comparison Chart

Stick Kick Point Weight (Sr.) Shaft Geometry Shaft Technology Blade Core
40K Low-mid 425g Square corners Pre-loaded Ribcor shaft w/ Technora reinforcement SXX2
30K Low-mid 465g Rounded corners Pre-loaded Ribcor shaft SXX2
28K Low-mid 515g Rounded corners Easy-to-load technology SXX
26K Low-mid 570g Rounded corners Easy-to-load technology SXX2