CCM RBZ FT1 Senior Composite Stick


CCM RBZ FT1 Senior Composite Stick

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The new RBZ FT1 features cutting-edge technology that is designed to help players shoot harder. The Faceplate Technology has been optimized to increase the stiffness while reducing the weight of the blade. This change, combined with a taper that allows for a more efficient energy transfer means increased smash factor, which helps to generate more shot power with the RBZ FT1. Players can now benefit from an even harder shot while having a better feeling stick. Not only is the performance improved, but the look has also been refreshed to update its expressive personality.


The new RBZ FT1 has a higher smash factor which helps players shoot harder as a result of more power being generated on all shots.


The improved Faceplate Technology has been designed to increase the stiffness while reducing the weight of the blade. It allows us to achieve higher C.O.R throughout the blade.


Keeping the preferences of Pro players in mind, the new design keeps the expressive colors of RBZ while refreshing its personality.


442 grams


FACEPLATE FT1 TECHNOLOGY - Improved structure and design of the Faceplate for increased stiffness and C.O.R to maximize power on all shots. The weight has also been reduced considerably.


POWERHOSEL 2 - Longer shaft tip sits deeper towards the heel of the blade for more efficient energy transfer.


CUSTOM KICK POINT - A unique flex profile that is ideal for shooters since the stick flexes where the player’s bottom hand is placed.

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TECHNORA REINFORCEMENT - Layers of Aramid fibers which provide great durability without compromising performance due to its bending properties.

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