CCM JetSpeed Pro Grip Intermediate Composite Stick


CCM JetSpeed Pro Grip Intermediate Composite Stick

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The pros want a stick that provides extreme velocity with every shot, while remaining stable enough to pinpoint the exact target. It's something they've asked for, and CCM has delivered with the JetSpeed series.

Designed with the shoot-first mentality in mind, the JetSpeed Pro stick delivers many of the great features the top-of-the-line JetSpeed does. A hybrid kick point creates a hinge effect, allowing its vast power to work with a soft taper zone to increase the speed. The JetSpeed shaft provides an enhanced geometry that transitions smoothly from top to bottom, allowing for maximum bend while effectively releasing stored energy.

The JetStream blade, patented by CCM, is a multi-channel system which bends fibers to provide precision and consistency with every shot and pass.

The makeup of the stick, 12K woven carbon, provides excellent all-around stiffness and strength for much-needed durability on both the shaft and blade for a truly unified feel.

At this price point, you won't find a stick that can unload shots as quickly or as deadly as the JetSpeed Pro.

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