CCM JetSpeed Pro 2 Junior Hockey Stick


CCM JetSpeed Pro 2 Junior Hockey Stick

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  • 2nd Tier stick in the Jetspeed line with elite performance features
  • Hybrid Kickpoint delivers a blend of speed and responsiveness
  • Shaft dimensions provide a unique combination of comfort and control

 Created for the serious hockey player who loves the feel of a second-in-line stick, the JetSpeed Pro2 composite stick features many of the same great advancements the top-of-the-line FT2 does, but comes in a little cheaper. The same hybrid flex profile is utilized, which is what provides the hinge effect to deliver raw speed and excellent response to every shot.

The blade is a slight difference from the FT2's JF80. Built with the same principle that a dampened core pand tactile surface provides lighter weight and improved consistency, the JS4 delivers a heightened puck feel on every shot and pass.

The shaft design, which includes double concave dimensions, is named R-geometry. This provides rounded corners and a streamlined shape from top to bottom for a high-performing stick. The C6 material found within the stick is a carbon fiber weave that provides stiffness and strength throughout the stick, while not adding weight to the stick. The result is a balanced stick that will provide you with an excellent puck feel and powerful shot on every attempt.

Technical Features

JetSpeed Pro2 features