CCM JetSpeed 460 Junior Hockey Stick


CCM JetSpeed 460 Junior Hockey Stick

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  • A Jetspeed stick that offers value, durability and performance
  • Hybrid Kickpint delivers a blend of speed and responsiveness
  • Shaft dimensions provide a unique combination of comfort and control

The CCM JetSpeed 460 slides in as third in line in the 2019 JetSpeed series. Utilizing the hybrid flex profile featured in the two higher-end JetSpeed sticks, the 460 concentrates power on the loading zone to deliver players with unmatched speed and accuracy on every shot.

Also featured in the 460 that is brought from the Pro2 and FT2 is the JetSpeed shaft design with double-concave dimensions. The new R-geometry provides you with rounded corners, concave sides and a streamlined shape from top to bottom for a feel that fits perfectly in your hands. 

The JS3 blade has a dampened core to provide you with an excellent puck feel at this price point, while the C6 weave on the blade provides excellent stiffness and strength to allow you to shoot with all your strength every time without worry of breakage.

Technical Features

Level of Play Performance
Kick Point Hybrid Kick Point that creates a hinge effect to deliver a blend of speed and control
Construction Fused two piece
Shaft Design Jetspeed Shaft with double concave dimensions
Grip Grip Surface
Blade Design JS3 Blade - lightweight blade with damped core
Warranty 30 days through the manfacturer