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CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Senior Ice Hockey Stick

$174.99 $249.99
1 in stock

The Ribcor Trigger 7 hockey stick excels when it comes to stick handling and release speed. Updated Trigger curved raised grip and new full Sigmatex shaft, provide maximum energy transfer for lightning-fast puck release. The ergonomic "E" Geometry of the shaft is uniquely designed for a seamless energy transfer to maximize puck release speed. Thanks to its Skeleton + manufacturing technology and performance carbon layering, the RIBCOR TRIGGER 7 hockey stick is lighter and more durable than ever before.



Technical Features

Level of Play Performance
Taper SKELETON +. Manufacturing technology found in the taper area which provides better reliability in key moments of the game.
Kick Point OPTIMIZED LOW KICK POINT. The perfect low kickpoint, providing quick releases and pop on every single shot.
Shaft Technology ADVANCED CARBON MATRIX. Performance carbon layering technology now combined with Sigmatex spread tow to offer a lighter yet even more durable stick.
Blade AGILITY BLADE WITH PEEL-PLY. An improved blade construction that takes stick handling and feel to the next level without compromising on shots release speed.
Shaft Geometry ERGONOMIC "E" GEOMETRY. Unique ergonomic geometry designed to offer a seamless energy transfer to maximize speed of release of the puck.
Material SIGMATEX Spread Tow shaft and blade.
Grip TRIGGER MICROFEEL 2. Updated Trigger curved raised grip to enhance stick feel in hands.
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer
Weight TBD
Available Flexes
  • 70 Flex (60")
  • 75 Flex (60")
  • 80 Flex (60")
  • 85 Flex (60")
  • 95 Flex (62")
Available Patterns
  • P28
  • P29
  • P88
  • P90TM


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