CCM FitLite Senior Hockey Helmet w/ Cage


CCM FitLite Senior Hockey Helmet w/ Cage

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The CCM FitLite helmet is made with the title in mind: a light fit. Low density EPP with Lycra laminated comfort cushions offer a lightweight, high level of protection and comfort to keep you safe and protected from all forms of contact. A two-tone density PE shell with a PETG Subshell cuts down on weight you expect from helmets of the past, adding to the overall padding and protection.

The R.E.D. System, a big hit in last year's line of helmets, includes liquid-filled bladders positioned between the liner and your head. This was developed at the University of Ottawa to manage multiple impacts of the head during impact, keeping you safe from high- and low- impact hits.

The Microdial II allows a 360-degree wrap and adjustment around your head, providing an optimal fit with occipital lock to best keep the head in place at all times.

The FM680 facemask includes thin, flat wires for perfect vision and a new multi-density foam chin cup that is designed to provide excellent comfort and water management.

Helmet Size Hat Size Circumference (cm.) Circumference (in.)
Small 5 3/4 - 7 56 - 56 18" - 22"
Medium 6 1/2 - 7 3/8 54 - 59 21.25" - 23.25"
Large 7 1/4 - 8 58 - 64 23" - 25.25"