CCM 4 Roll PRO III Junior Hockey Gloves


CCM 4 Roll PRO III Junior Hockey Gloves

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The CCM 4 Roll PRO III Hockey Gloves are the flagship model in the CCM 4 Roll lineup. Outfitted with great features like vented dual-density foams and the Ax Suede palm, this glove provides classic construction at a professional level of performance.

The 4 Roll PRO's high level protection is powered by dual density foams reinforced with plastic inserts that disperse high-energy impacts before reaching the hand. The open segmented cuff is lined with plastic inserts to give the wrist better protection while retaining freedom in the wrists. The 3-piece flexible thumb is bolstered by dual density foams that prevents the thumb from being hyperextended as well as providing a better grip on the stick.

The Ax Suede palm is very soft to the touch, providing excellent stick feel. The palm is reinforced in the high-wear area to prolong the life of the palm without sacrificing stick feel. The exterior of the glove is equipped with a pro-selected polyester, giving the glove a better fit while keeping it durable and lightweight.