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CCM Jetspeed Control 2021 Junior Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads

$76.99 $109.99
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The 2021 Jetspeed Control Shoulder Pads are an exclusive offering in the Jetspeed family and will help the competitive level player remain quick and agile on the ice while remaining well protected. The Control is slotted between the FT485 and FT4 models, and is constructed with Floating Clavicle Coverage with HD Molded Foam, as found on the FT4, which will provide upgraded protection. Visual enhancemnts are added to help these pads stand out form the rest.



Technical Features

Level of Play Competetive
Fit New Tapered design provides ultimate mobility and great protection in a low profile fit.
Base Model Jetspeed FT485
Key Upgrades
  • Injection Molded Low Profile Caps
  • Black Elastic Chest Straps/Base Jacket
  • Floating Clavicles With HD Molded Foam (FT4)
Construction Dual-Layer Front Construction With PE Foam. Low profile design provides an extra layer of protection while providing improved flexibility that won't slow down the competive player
Caps Injected Molded Low Profile Caps, Fabric Covered, with Reinforced Attachment.
Torso Vented Front Base With PE Foam + Black Elastic Chest Straps/Base Jacket + Removeable Belly Pad. Lightweight yet durabel chest protection that breathes so you feel light yet protected with adjustable coverage.
Biceps PE Molded Cap With Red Logo + Length Adjustment + Red Sublimatted Lining Inside Beceps Pads + Contrasting Foating Attachment. Custom comfort fit and excellent protection
Sternum/Spine Anatomical Molded PE Sternum And Spine + Red Chrome Jewel Logo On Sternum. Must have protection where it counts.
Clavicle Floating Clavicles With HD Molded Foam. (FT4) Highly protective clavicle protection.
Warranty 90 days through the manufacturer
Available Sizes
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


CCM Size Chart

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