Bauer Vapor XLTX Pro Lite 2018 Junior Elbow Pads


Bauer Vapor XLTX Pro Lite 2018 Junior Elbow Pads

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Bauer Vapor XLTX Pro Lite elbow pads are a rare and exclusive product made for Sports Excellence retailers like Discount Hockey. They are an upgraded version of the entry-level Vapor X800 Lite elbow pad at a lower price than the second-tier X900 Lite model.

Bauer’s 2018 Vapor protective line brings players their trademark tapered fit. This means that Vapor elbow pads have a wider fit over the biceps and a standard fit in the forearm region. Vapor protective gear provides elite mobility without sacrificing protection or comfort.

The Vapor XLTX Pro Lites are upgraded to have a few features found on the X900 Lite model, including the molded HyperLite HD foam forearm and bicep guards and the HYDRA MAX liner with Sanitized material. The overall 2-segmented design of this elbow pad allows for good, natural movement.

The upgraded THERMO MAX liner with Sanitized® material prevents odor buildup and keeps the elbow pads smelling fresh after every game.

The XLTX Pro elbow pads use HyperLite foams in the biceps and elbow caps. These high-density foams are very protective, comfortable, and lightweight and provide great protection in key impact areas.

Bauer Vapor XLTX Pro Lite elbow pads have the most comparable fit style to CCM’s mid-range JetSpeed FT370 elbow pads.


Vapor protective padding features a tapered fit profile with a wider fit at the top and standard fit through the lower portion of the shin shell, shoulder, and elbow pads.


X800 Lite


Molded cap with MD foam cover


Upgraded to HYPERLITE foam with poly insert (X900 Lite)


Upgraded to Molded HYPERLITE HD foam (X900 Lite)




Comfort middle strap


Upgraded to THERMO MAX liner with Sanitized® technology (X900 Lite)

Sizing Guidelines:  Measure the length between the shoulder pad and the cuff of the glove. Match the player’s measured size to the size of the elbow pads by inches. Determine the level of play and the level of protection necessary. When fastened securely, there should be no gap between the pad and either the biceps extension of the shoulder pad or the cuff of the glove. The elbow pad should not slip or move while fastened. Players who wear a short cuff style glove should choose the longer model of elbow pad.

Senior Sizing

Size Age Height (in.) Weight (lbs.) Length (in.)
Small 14+ 5'5" - 5'9" 120 - 160 12 - 13
Medium 14+ 5'7" - 5'11" 140 - 180 13 - 14
Large 15+ 5'9" - 6'1" 160 - 200 14 - 15

Junior Sizing

Size Age Height (in.) Weight (lbs.) Length (in.)
Small 8 - 11 4'3" - 4'10" 60 - 90 9 - 11
Large 11 - 14 4'7" - 5'4" 80 - 110 10 - 12

Youth Sizing

Size Age Height (in.) Weight (lbs.) Length (in.)
X-Small 3 - 6 3'0" - 3'10" 35 - 45 6.5 - 7.5
Small 4 - 7 3'3" - 4'1" 40 - 60 7 - 8
Medium 5 - 8 3'7" - 4'4" 45 - 65 7.5 - 8.5
Large 6 - 9 3'9" - 4'7" 50 - 70 8 - 9