Bauer Vapor X600 Lite Intermediate Composite Stick


Bauer Vapor X600 Lite Intermediate Composite Stick

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The Bauer Vapor X600 Lite stick is the entry-level model in the Vapor line and is ideal for recreational-level players who are crafty with the puck and want a lightning fast release. Its low kick point, round shaft geometry, and stiff blade are formulated to maximize the stick’s quick release and to get your shot off faster.

Bauer improved on the 2016 Vapor X600 stick by adding BridgeCore Technology to the blade. It provides a rigid rim around the outside of the blade for shooting power and a softer blade center for puck feel.

BridgeCore Blade Technology

A rigid outer rim on the blade provides a more responsive shot. Then, a softer center core provides improved puck feel.

Micro Feel II Shaft

Rounded corners and double concave shaft walls allow the shaft to fit comfortably in your hands. The result is easier puck handling and superior control.

Performance carbon construction

A mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass

Fused 2-piece construction

The blade and shaft are two pieces fused together near the hosel.

Pure Shot Blade Profile

The optimized blade profile increases the connection point between the blade-hosel transition of the stick. This reduces the amount of blade deflection-the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting-improving blade control and delivering pinpoint shooting accuracy.

Blade Comparison Chart