Bauer Vapor X60 Ice Skates Senior


Bauer Vapor X60 Ice Skates Senior

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The Vapor x60 is a solid skate for the recreational or youth hockey player. The nylon construction provides adequate stiffness at a great value.

Quarter Panel:

SUBLIMATED TECH NYLON with THERMOFORMED X-RIB PATTERN quarter panel provides support at a friendly price point. The thermoformed ribs provide Vapors signature support structure.


HYDROPHOBIC MICROFIBER liner stays water resistant. .

Ankle Padding:

ANAFORM FIT FOAM stays light throughout the game while maintaining fit.


ANATOMICAL 40 oz 2 PIECE FELT TONGUE with metatarsal padding contours the foot and provides protection from lace bite and pucks.


MOLDED with INTEGRATED HEEL SUPPORT to secure the foot into place.


Lightweight Pro -8 beveled TPU provides stiffness and rigidity to prevent torquing during play .


TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE features a quick release trigger system to allow the runners to be changed quickly without having to take the boot off or miss a shift.


TUUK SUPER STAINLESS STEEL. Each runner comes profiled at a standard 9ft radius to give the best combination of glide and maneuverability for hockey.


The VAPOR FIT has quickly become one of the most popular in hockey. Starting with a standard forefoot and toe box, these skates feature a tapered heel and arch area. The boot gradually narrows as you get closer to the back of the skate, resulting in a good heel lock. If you experience heel slippage in a SUPREME or NEXUS model, try out VAPOR.

Youth Sizing

Skate Size US Shoe Size EUR Shoe Size UK Shoe Size CM
6.0 Y 7.0 23.5 6.5 14.5
7.0 Y 8.0 25.0 7.5 15.2
8.0 Y 9.0 26.0 8.5 16.2
9.0 Y 10.0 27.0 9.5 17.0
10.0 Y 11.0 28.0 10.5 17.8
10.5 Y 11.5 28.5 11.5 18.3
11.0 Y 12.0 29.5 11.5 18.7
11.5 Y 12.5 30.0 12.0 19.1
12.0 Y 13.0 31.0 12.5 19.5
12.5 Y 13.5 31.5 13.0 19.9
13.0 Y 1.0 32.0 13.5 20.3
13.5 Y 1.5 33.0 1.0 20.7