Bauer Vapor 1X LITE Griptac 2017 Senior Composite Stick


Bauer Vapor 1X LITE Griptac 2017 Senior Composite Stick

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Shot quickness is as much a product of your stick as it is of your training. You need a light blade and a balanced shaft to truly rip shots that are quicker than the goalie's reaction. The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite combines both of these attributes into one truly powerful stick.

There's a reason Bauer uses the line so light, it feels like nothing when describing the 1X Lite. Built with QRT+ technology and Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL), the 1X Lite features a TeXtreme construction with a matte blade and texture. The lightest blade from Bauer to date allows the best puck-movers to quickly release passes through the neutral zone or rip shots that defensemen will only notice on replay. Your one-timers and pass control will feel like second nature more than ever before.

Thanks to the ACL addition, the 1X Lite is literally lighter than ever before. With its design allowing for thinner (yet stronger) internal carbon fiber layers, the 1X is 15 grams lighter than the previous model . Combine this with the multitude of other technologies used to create this stick (eLASTech, TeXtreme, Monocomp), the 1X Lite will provide you with a better feel for the puck than its predecessors. 

Available in the senior and intermediate models, QRT+ technology creates a sleeker taper where the shaft meets the blade. You'll instantly notice a major increase in blade stability from the previous 1X that will allow you to load shots unlike you have in the past. 

Of course, even though this stick seems lightyears ahead of its ancestors, Bauer has implemented many features that have made their sticks some of the best on the market. AERO SENSE 2 blade core provides additional blade stiffness and improves puck feel, while the Pure Shot blade profile gives you a great loading zone for shots and passes. The Micro Feel II shaft dimension, along with the double concave walls, allows players the feel they have come to love with Bauer sticks, so don't worry that these new technologies will make you relearn how to hold or load a Bauer stick. Complete with a GRIPTAC finish, the 1X will be your weapon of choice when facing the netminder.

Dependable, balanced and Lite — there's not much more a stick can provide you.

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