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Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro 2019 Senior Elbow Pads

$62.99 $89.99
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Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro 2019 Ice Hockey Elbow Pads

Coming in at an excellent price point, the Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro elbow pads provide you with a solid base (S29), with features from the second-in-line of the 2019 Supreme collection (2S). Your fit and comfort receive the biggest upgrade thanks to advancements borrowed from the 2S pad.

The upgrades start in the elbow cap. The 2-piece anatomically fit cap includes Vent Armor foam, which provides players with extremely lightweight protection and more maneuverability than the S29's AMP molded split cap. You receive the flexibility of the S29, but lighter protection and, ultimately, more comfort.

Upgraded from the S29's THERMO MAX liner, the Ignite Pro's THERMO MAX + liner better protects against bacteria and odor buildup. Not only are you safer from hazardous bacteria, your gloves won't begin featuring that hockey smell for some time.

An added addition to the strapping mechanism is the Ventaprene Y-Shape comfort strap, which helps the pad stay snug to your arm at all times. The comfort is vastly improved, as the Y-strap hugs your skin with softer and more relaxing material than you may find somewhere else.

With floating, HD foam and PE inserts throughout the biceps and forearms, as well as a molded floating donut in the liner, the Supreme Ignite Pro elbow pads can be yours at an affordable rate, despite having top-end advancements.




S, M, L


AMP molded split cap w/ Vent Armor Foam


Independant construction with HD Foam + PE insert


Anatomicaly molded PE protection


Ventaprene Y-Shape comfort strap


Molded Floating donut