Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Ice Skates


Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Ice Skates

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The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro ice skates are the top-of-the-line model for the 2018 Supreme skate lineup. They have an anatomical fit and are designed for elite-level hockey players who want an extremely high-tech skate with several customizable features. The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro is the current-generation version of last generation’s Supreme 1S.

The key upgrades found exclusively on the Bauer 2S Pro skates include the new carbon Curv® composite quarter package, TUUK LS5 carbon-coated stainless steel, SpeedPlate 2.0 footbed, Reflex Pro tongue, and Reflex Pro facing.

The carbon fiber Curv® composite quarter package is noticeably stiffer than last-generation’s 3-D lasted Curv®, making the 2S Pro the stiffest skate on the market. Curv® is very lightweight yet protective, so players feet will stay protected when blocking shots. The top of the quarter package uses Bauer’s proprietary Total Edge Comfort foam to prevent the rigid Curv® material from digging into the ankles on tight turns.

The Supreme 2S Pro ice skates are the first to come standard with the brand-new TUUK LS5 carbon-coated stainless steel runners. These matte black runners feature a soft inner core for enhanced edge quality and sharpness. Then, the outer carbon coating delivers premium edge retention and bite properties. Players using the 2S Pros might consider getting their skates sharpened one hollow duller than usual due to the added bite.

Next, the Reflex Pro tongue makes its debut on the 2S Pro skates. Gone are the interchangeable custom inserts from the 1S and MX3-era Supreme tongues, as Bauer now uses a beefy, 3-piece 52oz. tongue with moldable inserts. During the skate baking process, the inserts wrap around the ankle to give players a custom fit. The inserts are just like those found on the 2017 Bauer Vapor 1X skate, but the 2S Pros have three yellow “bars” to provide additional support and responsiveness.

The last new feature found on the Bauer 2S Pro skates is the Reflex Pro facing. The skates have the same T-shaped locking eyelets from previous top-of-the-line Bauer skates, but this time, the top three eyelets have a secondary, smaller eyelet closer to the ankle to give players a custom lacing option. When the smaller eyelets are used, the tongue fits significantly closer to the ankle and provides maximum support. The T-shaped eyelets prevent the laces from gradually loosening, keeping the skates tied tight all game long.

The ultra lightweight vented composite outsole has four riveted holes on the bottom of the skate in order to drain sweat and melted ice out of the boot, keeping the foot dry.

Moving on to the inside of the skates, The LOCK-FIT Pro liner is a feature that originally debuted on the 2017 Vapor 1X skates and is now found on the Supreme 2S Pros. This high-friction liner keeps the foot dry and prevents the foot from moving inside the boot, resulting in a more efficient skating stride. The 2S Pros are the only Supreme skates to have the LOCK-FIT Pro liner.

Bauer Supreme skates are best known for their superior ankle wrap and the 2S Pros deliver. The memory foam ankle pads are thicker than last-generation’s 1S and have appropriately-placed indentations for the ankle bones, specifically the lateral and medial malleoli. This allows the 2S Pros to completely wrap around the ankle and leave zero negative space.

The Supreme 2S Pro ice skates come with Bauer’s new-and-improved SpeedPlate™ 2.0. Bauer improved upon the original SpeedPlate™ by adding low- and mid-density memory foams for a premium level of comfort. The SpeedPlate™ 2.0 continues to use a thermoformable recovery alloy for a custom fit and more efficient stride.

The remaining carryover features from previous Supreme skates are the C-Flex tendon guard with custom inserts and the TUUK Lightspeed Edge holders. The C-Flex tendon guard comes with two inserts - medium and stiff - to give players the option of a more- or less-responsive tendon guard. Players who want a flexible tendon guard can simply play without the inserts. Then, the TUUK LightSpeed Edge holders have a trigger that releases the steel for instant replacement in the event of a lost edge or damaged runner.

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3-D lasted carbon Curv® composite with Total Edge Comfort




Reflex Pro with custom lacing


Lightweight memory foam ankle pads


Reflex Pro tongue, 3-piece 52oz felt tongue with moldable inserts


C-Flex technology with custom inserts




Anaform upper and footbed


Ultra lightweight vented composite




TUUK LS5 carbon-coated stainless steel



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Please note that this item is not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds under any circumstances.

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7.5 9.0 42.5 8.0
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8.5 10.0 44.0 9.5
9.0 10.5 44.5 9.5
9.5 11.0 45.0 10.0
10.0 11.5 45.5 10.5
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11.5 13.0 47.5 12.0
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