Bauer Re-Akt 100 Senior Hockey Helmet


Bauer Re-Akt 100 Senior Hockey Helmet

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The Bauer RE-AKT 100 Hockey Helmet is the most advanced helmet from Bauer to date. Bauer improved on key technologies from the original RE-AKT and combined them with the Seven+ Technology that debuted in the Cascade M11 and M11 Pro helmets. The resulting product is a very comfortable helmet that showcases exceptional linear AND rotational impact protection.

The base level of the RE-AKT 100 uses new VTX Foam that is lighter than traditional EPP and it has even better protective properties. Four Seven+ Technology Pods are set into the rear portion of the VTX Foam, enabling them to combat high-energy impact hits that occur when a player slams their head straight back onto the ice or boards.

The VTX Foam and Seven+ Technology do a great job protecting against high and low impact blows, but the Suspend-Tech 2 System was designed specifically to combat rotational impacts. This revolutionary design is constructed of FleXorb Technology and Bauer's exclusive Poron XRD™ Foam, all built into a 4-way stretch fabric. This creates a free-floating separation that minimizes rotational impact energy since the outer liner can move independently of the internal liner, unlike traditional helmets.

On both sides near the temples, the Re-Akt 100 helmet has spring-loaded foams that automatically self-adjust to different head sizes. The new YourFit System adjusts with a single, tool-less feature on the rear that can provide additional length front to back. The occipital-locking pad is also tool-free and was strategically placed to allow players to put their numbers or logos on the rear (unlike the original RE-AKT). The foam that sits on the forehead has strategic moisture channels that guide sweat away from a player's eyes and clears it to the sides of the face.

Helmet Size Circumference (cm.) Circumference (in.)
Small 52 - 56 20.4" - 22"
Medium 56 - 59.5 22 - 23.4"
Large 59.5 - 64 23.4" - 25"