Bauer Nexus N2700 Junior Ice Skates


Bauer Nexus N2700 Junior Ice Skates

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  • 3-D Trueform Tech PU quarter package provides stability and stiffness
  • FORM-FIT EVA footbed provides comfort
  • Performance-level skate that breaks in quickly

The Bauer Nexus N2700 ice skates are the entry-level model for the 2018 Nexus skate lineup. They have a classic fit and are designed for beginner-level hockey players who don't need a high-tech skate. The Bauer Nexus N2700 is the current-generation version of last generation's Nexus N7000 skate.

The new 3-D Trueform Tech PU composite quarter package is the biggest improvement from last-generation's Nexus N7000 model, as it makes the N2700 a much stiffer skate.

The Nexus N2700 ice skates come standard with TUUK super stainless steel runners. These runners have a polished finish for increased edge retention. The N2700 skates also utilize TUUK LightSpeed Edge holders that can release the steel for instant replacement in the event of a lost edge or damaged runner. Players can use this feature to easily upgrade their runners to higher-quality LS2, LS3, LS4, or even the new LS5 carbon-coated steel, if desired.

Next, the N2700 skates use the 2-piece 40oz felt tongue with mid density metatarsal guard. The wide metatarsal guard is stiff - yet cushioned - to give players protection exactly where they need it.

Moving on to the inside of the skates, The Nexus N2700's hydrophobic mesh liner keeps the foot dry all game long.

Bauer Nexus skates have always had a high-volume fit and the N2700s are no different. The top of the forefoot has plenty of space, making these perfect for players who have experienced pain on the top of the foot in other skates.

The memory foam ankle pads are thick and provide a great level of comfort. Tight turns in the N2700 skates will feel comfortable and allow players to really feel in control on the ice.

The Nexus N2700 ice skates come with Bauer's FORM-FIT EVA footbed. This helps keep the foot dry and stabilized inside the skate.

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Technical Features

Level of Play Performance
Heat Moldable Yes
Skate Fit Nexus: Classic fit : wide from the heel to the forefoot
Boot Construction 3-D Truform Tech PU
Tongue Material 2-Piece 40 oz. Felt w/ High-Density Metatarsal Guard
Liner Hydrophobic Microfiber
Outsole Construction TPR
Holder TUUK Lightspeed Edge
Runner TUUK Super Stainless Steel
Warranty 90 days for skate boot, 365 days for holder & runner

Junior Sizing

Skate Size US Shoe Size EUR Shoe Size UK Shoe Size CM
1.0 2.0 33.5 1.5 21.0
1.5 2.5 34.0 2.0 21.4
2.0 3.0 35.0 2.5 21.8
2.5 3.5 35.5 2.5 21.8
3.0 4.0 36.0 3.5 22.6
3.5 4.5 36.5 4.0 23.1
4.0 5.0 37.5 4.5 23.5
4.5 5.5 38.0 5.0 23.9
5.0 6.0 38.5 5.5 24.3
5.5 6.5 39.0 6.0 24.7