Bauer Nexus 3N Pro Grip Senior Ice Hockey Stick


Bauer Nexus 3N Pro Grip Senior Ice Hockey Stick

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The Bauer Nexus 3N Pro is the second tier stick in the 2020 Nexus lineup, and it takes second-tier performance to a new level. Coming in at just 420 grams, the 3N Pro comes in at the same weight as the 3S Pro and the 3X Pro while being at a lower price point.

The Nexus 3N Pro's highlight feature is ER Spine Technology, which allows it to offer similar performance to last generation's 2N Pro, but at a much lower price point.

  • HP MOLD creates a true 1-piece feel, which improves overall playability.
  • MaxBalance reduces blade weight while maintaining durability, helping improve overall balance.
  • TeXtreme construction provides strength and industry leading carbon fiber to make it lightweight and durable.

Technical Features

Level of Play Elite
Kick Point Mid
Construction HP MOLD with TeXtreme Construction and ER Spine Technology,
Shaft Design HP MOLD with ER Spine Technology
Grip Griptac
Blade Design MaxBalance; TeXtreme construction
Weight 420 grams (SR)
Flex and Length Options 87 Flex - 62", 77 Flex - 62", 70 Flex - 60"
Curve Options P28, P29, P88, 92M
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer