Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Griptac Senior Hockey Stick


Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Griptac Senior Hockey Stick

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  • Duraflex Resin System focuses on impact and flex properties without damage to the stick
  • Reinforced blade edge with thinner, stronger carbon fiber reduces blade weight
  • NHL blade core combines ultra-lightweight foam w/ a dampening layer maintains a responsive puck feel

If you're a Nexus player, you probably really enjoyed the features of the 2017 Nexus line. The 1N was an innovative stick that introduced an improved easy-load taper, and enhanced Monocomp technology that allowed for excellent energy transfer. How did Bauer improve upon the Nexus 1N? Their innovative team created a similar stick with similar features, but upgraded the blade technology and reduced the stick's overall weight by 10 percent. Needless to say, the Nexus 2N Pro will deliver to the elite player better than any Nexus stick before it.

Some things simply can't be improved upon, like the mid-kick and Sweet Spot technologies, which work together to provide a consistent feel throughout the stick, no matter if you're blasting a slap shot or rifling a wrister past the netminder. The easy-load taper allows for quick-release shots as the energy transfer is second to none in the stick department. Add in TeXtreme construction and Duraflex Resin for a dependable feel, and you'll find a similar love for the 2N Pro that you found in previous Nexus sticks.

Even with the same technology that made the 1N great, the Bauer team was still able to make the weight lower. And that even comes after enhancements to the blade.

Introducing the R-LITE blade core, which features a fiber-reinforced, dampening layer that provides substantially improved puck control, while helping the blade weigh lighter and feel stiffer. The blade's eLASTech works along with the ACL technology to provide a ridiculously responsive blade, allowing for you to feel every part of the puck.

Whether shooting at an alarming rate or making a coach-despising stretch pass, the Nexus 2N Pro provides you with ultimate control and power to get any job done on the rink.

Technical Features

Level of Play Elite
Kick Point Mid
Construction DuraFlex Resin System (55 flex and above only) w/ TeXtreme Construction & Easy Load Taper Technology
Shaft Design Control Shaft Geometry
Grip Griptac
Blade Design eLASTech Blade (55 flex and above only) and R-LITE Blade System w/ ACL Blade Technology and Pure Shot Blade Profile
Weight 414 Grams
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer

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