Bauer Supreme Ignite 2019 Griptac Intermediate Composite Stick


Bauer Supreme Ignite 2019 Griptac Intermediate Composite Stick

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  • 3K Twill Blade Wrap upgrade provides durability to the integrity of the blade
  • Bottom Tac-Spiral adds to the overall responsiveness of the stick
  • Fused- 2-piece construction makes for a highly responsive and lightweight stick

bauer supreme ignite stick

Weighing in at 535 grams (senior), the Bauer Supreme Ignite stick is one of the lightest recreational sticks you’ll find. A step up from the NSX, the base model of the Ignite, the Ignite stick provides high-end features for recreational-level players.

Utilizing unidirectional carbon and fiberglass throughout the stick’s construction, the Supreme Ignite is lighter due to the removal of excess fibers throughout its construction. This is due in large part, as well, to its’ fused one-piece construction, which allows the stick to remain balanced from heel to toe.

The upgrades, though, are mostly in the blade, allowing you to power shots through to the netminder with precision. The unidirectional carbon fiber wrap found in the NSX has been replaced with a 3K twill, which is lighter and provides more responsiveness. The bottom tac spiral found throughout the blade also adds a texture that allows for better puck feel, allowing the recreational player to find his or her shot preferences quicker than most recreational sticks.

Technical Features

Level of Play Recreational
Kick Point Mid
Base Model Bauer NSX
Key Upgrades
  • 3K Twill Blade Wrap
  • Bottom Tac-Spiral
  • Exclusive Graphic
Construction UD Carbon Fiber
Shaft Design Square Shaft Geometry
Grip Griptac
Blade Design UD Carbon Fiber w/ 3K Twill Blade Wrap
Weight 535 grams (SR only)
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer