Bauer Supreme 2S Pro 2019 Griptac Senior Composite Stick


Bauer Supreme 2S Pro 2019 Griptac Senior Composite Stick

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  • Renewcore blade technology creates a lightweight blade with powerful results
  • Weight reduced by 5 grams compared to the Supreme 1S
  • Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technology uses thinner, yet stronger, internal carbon fiber layers in the blade

Last season was a big one for Bauer. The launch of the Supreme 1S changed the landscape of how sticks should be constructed; RenewCore, the gel found inside of the blade that included a pressurized gel core that always remains in liquid state, was a game changer due to its ability to prevent breakage better than ever. Add in TeXtreme, eLASTech and all the others features, and you received a supremely superior stick. Bauer's biggest mission this season? Construct a lighter, yet more innovative, stick than the 1S. Enter Bauer's latest game changer, the Supreme 2S Pro.

Bauer started by looking at what made each of the top-of-the-line sticks so attractive to their customers. The Supreme, Nexus and Vapor lines are all successful in their own way, but why? Bauers' leading innovations in each stick are detrimental to the line's success, so why not combine those great aspects into the Supreme 2S?

First stop on this journey was with the Nexus stick. The flex properties and ability to take impact without damage is a leading innovation in this stick thanks to its DuraFlex Resin System throughout the shaft. This cut down the shaft weight by 5 grams compared to the previous 1S stick, and made it more powerful.

Next, the Vapor line was revisited. Something that kicked this stick into gear was the Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) technology that uses thinner, yet stronger, internal carbon fiber layers in the blade, which decreases weight and adds stability and balance throughout the entire stick.

Next, Bauer looked at what made the 1S successful and kept those implementations in place. RenewCore was a breakthrough, while Maximum Power Kick (MPK) helped transfer energy from handle to blade with ease for unbelievable loading and TeXtreme fibers improves balance — add that with ACL and you have an ultra-balanced stick. eLASTech stops the spreading of the tiny fractures that can harm a stick while Monocomp Technology, a staple in most Bauer sticks nowadays, is a single-molding process that removes excess materials and foam waste, improving the overall feel a player gets from his or her stick.

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro is not just an improvement over last year's model; it's the reincarnation of every top-end stick to date all wrapped into one. Improving upon the Supreme 2S Pro stick will be quite the challenge for Bauer in the future.

Technical Features

Level of Play Elite
Kick Point Mid
Construction TeXtreme Construction w/ DuraFlex Resin System
Shaft Design Square Shaft Geometry
Grip Yes; Griptac
Blade Design Renewcore Blade Technology (55 flex and above only); TeXtreme Carbon Blade Wrap; eLASTech Technology (55 flex and above only); ACL Technology
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer