Adrenaline Powerfoot Performance Skate Inserts

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Adrenaline Powerfoot Performance Skate Inserts

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Final Sale Item

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The Adrenaline Powerfoot skate inserts are a piece of gear that every player needs - they just don't know it yet. At first, they seem like they are "just another footbed" until you realize they go on the top of the toes, not beneath. Once they are attached to the inside of the toe cap and your foot slides in the skate, you can already feel the difference.

Your toes now feel as if they are comfortably resting against little Tempur-Pedic memory foam pillows. My feet used to become sore after skating in my stiff Vapor 1X skates during long practices and games but not anymore.

The Powerfoot skate inserts are more than just comfortable - they also serve a purpose in performance. They help eliminate the empty space above the toes and lock the front of the foot in place, resulting in an overall skating improvement. This empty space is prevalent even in properly fitting skates.

Players who want to make their skates more comfortable and improve their skating should pick up the Adrenaline Powerfoot skate inserts from Discount Hockey!


The newest innovation in skate technology that delivers a measurable on-ice advantage to players looking for a performance edge. Simply installed to the underside of the toe cap, the insert stabilizes the toes and enhances skate performance – more explosive starts, stronger crossovers and more efficient stride!


• Tested and ‘performance approved’ by elite players.

• Consistently high ratings in explosiveness, crossovers, and improved comfort.

• Proven product that stabilizes the toes within the toe box.

• Increased toe support means greater leverage and improved lateral stability.

• Better skate fit enhances energy transfer between the foot and the skate resulting in a more explosive stride.

• For all brands of skates including Bauer, CCM, Reebok, GRAF, Easton and VH.

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Final Sale

Please note that this item is not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds under any circumstances.


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