CCM Tacks 3092 Youth Hockey Elbow Pads


CCM Tacks 3092 Youth Hockey Elbow Pads

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For the beginner player, the Tacks 3092 elbow pads provide excellent protection from errant sticks and pucks on the ice surface. If your little guy or girl is learning the ropes, these price-cautious pads are the ones you need to keep the scrapes away from sensitive areas.

Manufactured to be lightweight, the 3092s are comfortable and fit securely on young players, helping keep their heads in the game. The last thing CCM wants is bulky equipment that hinders movement, making beginners think twice about getting into the sport. That's why they use molded PE inserts throughout the elbow pads to cut down on weight and still safely protect against all harmful rigors of the game. The JDP cap is also lightweight and helps disperse force away from the elbow, allowing players to crash into the boards without major worry of elbow damage.

Dressing before games is as easy as it gets, too. The stretch and webbing strap across the forearm is comfortable against the skin and makes for an easy attachment.