Bauer Nexus Freeze Pro+ 2018 Junior Composite Stick


Bauer Nexus Freeze Pro+ 2018 Junior Composite Stick

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  • Exclusive Chrome graphics for this special edition stick
  • 12K Carbon Fiber blade construction includes Peel Ply, which is a step up from the N2900's 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Mid-kick flex profile with Sweet-Spot Technology makes for a quick and accurate shot

Freezing goalies and blistering a shot top corner is not the easiest thing to do. It never will be, but it does get a little easier with the Bauer Nexus Freeze Pro+ stick. With upgrades from the top-of-the-line 2N Pro and 2N, the Nexus N2900 functions as the base of the stick, allowing for mid- to high-level players to raise their game that extra touch to make a difference on the ice.

The first key upgrade comes in the blade wrap. The N2900 utilizes AERO FOAM 1 technology, which is dense and lightweight for a powerful shot. However, the Freeze Pro+ mirrors these features with a 12K blade wrap included, making it more structurally sound and even lighter. The Peel Ply tactile finish also allows for an excellent grip of the puck, giving you the ability to dangle better than with the N2900.

Throughout the rest of the blade is the easy-load taper technology, which provides a smooth energy transfer, and MaxBalance technology that allows for perfect symmetry from toe to heel for a steady shot or pass every time.

Stocked with 2N Pro graphics, the Nexus Freeze Pro+ includes the mid-kick profile with Sweet Spot technology, featured in the entire Nexus line. This will provide plenty of whip to your shots, allowing you to rip the puck with accuracy every time as well (find that sweet spot and keep utilizing it). 

With a 3K carbon shaft and high-performance mold construction throughout, the Nexus Freeze Pro+ jam packs this price point with high-end features and a slick stick that is built to last longer than its rivals.

Technical Features

Level of Play Performance
Kick Point Mid
Base Model Nexus N2900
Key Upgrades
  • 12K Blade Wrap w/ Peel Ply
  • Exclusive Chrome Graphics
  • High-Performance Mold Construction
Construction High-Performance Mold w/ 3K Carbon Fiber
Shaft Design Square Geometry
Grip Griptac
Blade Design Easy Load Taper Technology w/ AERO FOAM I Blade Core, MaxBalance Blade Construction, Pure Shot Blade Profile and 12K Carbon Fiber w/ Peel Ply
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer