Bauer Vapor 1X 2017 Youth Ice Skates


Bauer Vapor 1X 2017 Youth Ice Skates

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The Bauer Vapor skate line has provided players with unmatched energy transfer, skating stride power and impressive durability for many years. The 2017 1X is no exception; your feet will lock into the skate better than ever before to provide top-end speed and an improved cornering radius.

Your feet will feel right at home as your skating strides will instantly improve once they lock in to the Bauer Vapor 1X Skates. A Flex-Lock Pro Tongue fits precisely to the shape of your lower leg thanks to a slow-molding insert that locks in place to allow for proper forward flex when pushing forward. The Lock-Fit Pro Liner does the same to your lower foot, keeping your feet dry and locking them in place for superb agility and acceleration whether forward or backward skating. Add in the Lock-Fit Pro Facing laces, which combine lace lock and a softer flex composition, and you'll instantly feel like the skates are an extension of your toes. You will move the way you want without worry of how your skates will react.

The lightweight Vapor 1X skates will keep you highly protected, as well. The 3-D Lasted Curv composite upper with X-rib pattern and Comfort Edge padding contour to your feet, allowing for proper energy transfer, as well as revolutionary thin layers of protection, keeping you safe from errant sticks and pucks. The Curv composite heel and ankle support allow you to feel confident in your movement as hard turns or quick pivots in the corners won't wear your feet down late in games.

The game is all about speed, right? This is another advantage of the Vapor skates. The Bauer Speed Plate footbed provides optimal balance and stability, creating control zones through the middle of the feet. Balance helps create powerful energy transfers and quick stride changes to help you react to the play in front of you. The Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder and Tuuk LS4 stainless steel runner are top-of-the-line in the entire hockey market, working as a durable and steady extension of your strides. They are long lasting, too, allowing you to skate more games without having to go for a sharpening.

After playing with Vapors of years past, players expect only the best control, agility and power in their skating, as well optimal power transfer. All of this comes standard with the 1X skates.


Quarter Package

3-D Lasted Curv Composite w/ X-Rib Pattern & Comfort Edge Padding


3-D Lasted Curv Composite w/ X-Rib Pattern & Comfort Edge Padding


Flex-Lock Pro Tongue


Bauer Speed Plate


Full Carbon Composite w/ Ventilation

Blade Holder

Tuuk Lightspeed Edge


Tuuk LS4 Stainless Steel

Youth Sizing

Skate Size US Shoe Size EUR Shoe Size UK Shoe Size CM
6.0 Y 7.0 23.5 6.5 14.5
7.0 Y 8.0 25.0 7.5 15.2
8.0 Y 9.0 26.0 8.5 16.2
9.0 Y 10.0 27.0 9.5 17.0
10.0 Y 11.0 28.0 10.5 17.8
10.5 Y 11.5 28.5 11.5 18.3
11.0 Y 12.0 29.5 11.5 18.7
11.5 Y 12.5 30.0 12.0 19.1
12.0 Y 13.0 31.0 12.5 19.5
12.5 Y 13.5 31.5 13.0 19.9
13.0 Y 1.0 32.0 13.5 20.3
13.5 Y 1.5 33.0 1.0 20.7