2017 Bauer Nexus 1N Stick


2017 Bauer Nexus 1N Stick

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The 2017 Bauer Nexus 1N stick is the top-of-the-line model in the Nexus line and is ideal for elite-level players who are looking for a balanced feel with effortless release and deadly accuracy. Its mid kick point, control shaft geometry, easy load taper, and responsive blade are formulated to maximize shot efficiency and to give you deadly accuracy in any situation.

Bauer made several improvements on the 2015 Nexus 1N stick by adding three new components to the 2017 model. The first new feature is the new Control Shaft Geometry. The shaft has 14% rounder corners than the last generation’s, which results in improved grip and contact for better control.

The next adjustment is the improved Sweet Spot Technology, which reacts to the lower hand’s positioning. By re-engineering the stiffness of the X-axis (the top of the stick) with the Y-axis (the side of the stick), players will find it easier to load and release their shots. 

The final tweak that Bauer made to the 2017 1N is the Easy Load taper. This new, moderate taper allows for a smoother, easier load that creates more consistency with each shot. The new control shaft geometry and Easy Load taper improve the Sweet Spot Technology by 25%. 

Once again, Bauer brings players the tried-and-true combination of Monocomp construction, eLASTech resin, and TeXtreme on the shaft. Monocomp is a weight-reducing and energy-maximizing stick construction method where the shaft and blade are one solid piece. eLASTech helps keep the 1N feeling newer for longer by stopping cracks from spreading once they occur. Finally, TeXtreme is a carbon fiber layup exclusive to Bauer sticks that is 20% lighter and more durable than 12K carbon fiber found on other sticks. It helps create a lightweight, responsive, and durable stick. These features are only found on the 1N model on the 2017 Nexus lineup.

Bauer put PowerSense 2 technology in the 1N’s blade, which is a rubberized material fused into the carbon fiber for improved puck feel. Then, they wrapped the blade in TeXtreme carbon fiber to create the most responsive and durable blade in the Nexus family. 

The 2017 Nexus 1N weighs in at 420 grams, which is the same weight as the 2017 Supreme 1S and only 5 grams heavier than the 2016 Vapor 1X.

NEXUS Mid-Kick Point with Sweet Spot Technology

The Mid-Kick Point works with Sweet Spot Technology to react to the player’s hand position while shooting for easy loading and energy release.

Control Shaft Geometry

Easy-Load Taper Technology

Lightweight TeXtreme® Construction

Exclusive to Bauer in hockey, TeXtreme® is ultra-lightweight and strong carbon fiber. Being 20% lighter than conventional carbon, it reduces weight without sacrificing strength.

eLASTech Technology

Proprietary resin system with carbon nanotube reinforcements increases durability by reducing the spread of micro-fractures caused by slashes and puck impacts, extending a stick’s ‘pop-life’ to keep it feeling newer, longer.

Monocomp Technology

Bauer's industry-leading single molding process ensures product and performance consistency. By removing excess material like overlapping layers, resin and foam waste, the balance of the stick is improved and overall weight is reduced.

POWER SENSE 2 Blade Core

The Power Sense Core 2 blade is constructed with the next evolution of SENSE technology. An updated process has integrated SENSE layer materials with TeXtreme® carbon fiber on the outer portion of the blade. By integrating SENSE layer materials, overall blade weight is reduced and balance is improved while maintaining key dampening performance attributes of SENSE technology.

Pure Shot Blade Profile

The optimized blade profile increases the connection point between the blade-hosel transition of the stick. This reduces the amount of blade deflection-the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting-improving blade control and delivering pinpoint shooting accuracy.

Matte Blade with Texture

The blade includes a sandpaper-like finish to help tape stick and last game after game.


420 grams

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