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XHP Floorball Premium SQUARE Stick | Floor Hockey

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Develop your off-ice hockey skills with our custom xHockeyProducts SQUARE Floorball and Floor Hockey Stick! The XHP Square stick is built with a square handle for players who prefer the traditional feel of an ice-hockey stick. This truly unique design is perfect for your off-ice training regimen. This XHP Square stick not only provides a professional look, but it performs to the highest standard as well. This stick is perfect for any hockey player looking to train their hockey skills off-ice playing floorhockey or floorball! Built for Players by Players™

  • Built with Premium materials and technology.
  • Incorporates an upgraded xBlade™, custom grip & flex shaft.
  • XHP grip delivers the right feel for shooting power, ball control, and passing precision.
  • SQUARE handle is perfect for traditional ice-hockey players.
  • ELITE SERIES - certified and only available at xHockeyProducts.
  • One Premium xHockeyProducts SQUARE Floor Hockey / Floorball stick
  • 101 cm Shaft Length / 112cm Overall Stick Length with 2.6 Flex (players approximately Over 6’1” in height).

Our xHockeyProducts SQUARE Floorball and Floor Hockey stick is a superior hockey training tool that is perfect for any hockey player looking to train with a floorball stick as the square handle feels just like an ice-hockey stick. Our square stick shaft is made of 100% composite fiberglass which allows for superior flex, strength, durability, and feel. The XHP Square stick is beautifully crafted using high-quality paints, custom finishes and the latest in innovative composite technology to ensure that this XHP stick not only looks professional, but it performs at the highest level as well.

Built for Players By Players™ with an xHockeyProducts custom Grip combined with our xBlade™, the XHP Floor Hockey Stick is an exceptional training tool designed specifically for off-ice hockey skills development!

Custom Designed To Improve Hockey Skills

xBlade™: the xBlade™ is the most versatile blade on the market. Designed and molded to be used by all skill levels, the xBlade™ enables maximum power delivery. Through its engineered smaller cavities, the xBlade™ provides players with enhanced ball control, stickhandling development, and passing precision. This xHockeyProducts stick has been specifically designed for use with a premium xBlade™.

Grip Systems: each XHP Off-Ice Stick is wrapped using the finest quality of grip materials. Our WRAP GRIP, comes standard on this XHP model and also incorporates the innovative T-3 Grip coating treatment to ensure the best possible grip to enhance feel. This grip is custom embossed with xHockeyProducts and ensures a solid grip feel during play.


Our xHockeyProducts Elite Series is comprised of products that prove superior in craftsmanship, materials, performance and durability when compared to other products within their respective categories. Elite Series products may not be the least expensive, but if your training requires elite-level performance and reliability you can rest assured knowing these products meet our professional standard. Look for the Elite Series designation...certified by xHockeyProducts!


Grab a floorball and start having fun immediately! And if your are looking for training aids to incorporate into your Floorball training...our entire xHockeyProducts xDeviator lineup is compatible with all regulation floorballs.

A floorball, floor hockey stick is shorter than an ice hockey stick and has a ventilated concave plastic blade that is flexible to permit a player to handle and control a ball really well. These sticks are significantly lighter and come in various grades of stiffness. As a rule of thumb, the stick should be around the belly button of a player, but no more than a few inches over. This is a fantastic training tool to develop all of your hockey-related skills...and as we say in hockey "Great Hands."

XHP Floorball Stick Size Guide