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Blocker Sleeve Balls Only

1 in stock

The Blocker Sleeve Ball Kit is perfect if you have lost or misplaced any balls from the original complete kit.

Take your off-season and pre-game workouts to the next level with this all-new training aid!

The Blocker Sleeve is a great training aid for goalies. This revolutionary tool will help you develop speed, focus and hand-eye coordination.

  • The Blocker Sleeve is a simple and effective tool allowing goalies to devote more time to develop their reaction ability and improve their reaction speed.
  • The Blocker Sleeve allows goalies to improve aspects of their game such as spatial awareness, co-ordination, speed and skills.
  • Best of all, you do not have to run after the ball down the hallway!
  • The Blocker Sleeve is a must have for any goalie's development.