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Bauer Sling Intermediate Ice Hockey Stick

$179.99 $299.99
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Bauer's new Sling stick builds off the incredible success of last year's Nexus ADV series and showcases Bauer's newest technology to create a new level of performance. Coming in at just 375 grams, the Sling stick uses ER Spine technology to not only remove weight but also create a more durable shaft with an even more effortless release. The blade features Bauer's updated new Sling2.0 technology, which combines a shorter slot size with thinner carbon layers and a new reinforced bridge core to create an optimized slingshot effect (10% faster release than the Nexus ADV) and even greater durability (15% stronger than the Nexus ADV).



  • Take your shot to the next level. SlingTech2.0 is even better than the original. You’ll be able to release the puck 10% faster and with less effort due to its optimized slingshot effect.
  • Incredible control, blade feel and durability. You’ll have more control over the puck with a bigger sweet spot on the blade and more stability in the toe. The blade has been upgraded to be 15% more durable for more blade pop.
  • Faster energy transfer. With a weight of 375 grams, your energy can be transferred more quickly through the stick and the puck will slingshot off the blade faster.
  • Effortless release. ER SPINE technology is already proven to add control and an effortless release to your game. By removing excess material, it’s easier to load energy into the shaft with less effort.



Technical Features

Level of Play Elite
Kick Point Hybrid mid-kick point
Grip Yes; Griptac
Shot Technology SlingTech 2.0
Shaft Technology 375 grams (Senior). ER Spine generates quicker load times with an efficient energy transfer. 5% higher balance point for improved feel.
Blade Technology SlingTech 2.0. New blade geometry with 10% faster release and easier loading. New blade core (15% more durable).
Construction Monocomp technology with ER Spine and ACL technology
Material Lightweight Asymmetrical TeXtreme construction with DuraFlex Resin
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer
Available Flexes
  • 55 Flex (57")
  • 65 Flex (57")
Available Patterns
  • P88
  • P92
  • P28


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