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Bauer Re-Akt 200 Helmet Combo Senior

$251.99 $359.99
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The Bauer Re-Akt 200 helmet combo is Bauer’s flagship helmet designed to manage all types of hockey impacts. Featuring the new, multi-density SUSPEND-TECH Next Generation liner, the Re-Akt 200 adapts to your head for maximum comfort and protection. 

Bauer took the heat-moldable, Recovery Alloy technology from their Speed Plate footbeds and brought it to the Re-Akt 200 in what is called the “Fit Plate.” This thermoformable, inverted T-shaped piece slides under the occipital padding and allows for a truly custom fit for added comfort.

The Re-Akt 200 is the most comfortable helmet that Bauer has ever released, thanks to the innovative new SUSPEND-TECH Next Generation liner. First, the liner uses XRD® Foam on the temples, rear, and frontal regions. XRD® is a high-performing foam that is engineered for repeated impact absorption across a range of energy levels. Then, Bauer placed lightweight VTX and IX foams in critical impact zones, like the top and sides of the head, for enhanced impact protection.

The last key feature found on the Re-Akt 200 is the central locking, tool-free adjustment system. Unlike other helmets that adjust either by removing screws or by lifting a flap on each side, the Re-Akt 200 has one locking flap on the top of the shell. It is activated by a trigger release and snaps securely back in place once the shell has been adjusted. It then provides a secure fit that does not compromise impact performance.

The Re-Akt 200 combo comes equipped with a Titanium Re-Akt facemask. This ultra-lightweight cage has a triple density chin cup made of XRD® foam that is treated with MICROBAN® antimicrobial technology for ultimate comfort and odor resistance. The Re-Akt facemask weighs a measly 165 grams, which is 46% lighter than any other competitor's mask.

A medium-sized Re-Akt 200 (helmet only) weighs 645 grams, which is 55 grams heavier than the Re-Akt 100 (590 grams). This additional weight comes from the extra padding and Fit Plate technology.

Players looking for the most protective and comfortable helmet on the market should pick up a Bauer Re-Akt 200 combo from Discount Hockey today!

Game Day Protection

VTX technology

SUSPEND-TECH NG liner system with textured XRD® Foam

Molded, multi-density liner for maximum coverage

CSA, HECC, CE certified

Customized Fit

FIT PLATE customizable occipital lock with Recovery Alloy technology

Central tool-free adjustment


XRD® Foam Molded memory foam comfort liner

Moisture channels to promote cooling


RE-AKT facemask 

Triple density chin cup with XRD® Foam treated with MICROBAN® antimicrobial technology

Adjustable J-Clips

CSA, HECC, CE certified