How to Have a Hockey Halloween

Posted by Kevin Scaringi on Jun 26, 2014

Costume Ideas for the Ultimate Hockey Halloween

1. The obvious choice to have a hockey halloween –  be a hockey player ! For anyone that already plays the sport, all you have to do is throw your equipment on along with your favorite team’s jersey and then boom, you’re a hockey player!

Bush League version: If you don’t already own gear, don’t sweat it. Throw on a jersey, a beanie, and some windbreaker pants, and you’ll look like you’re ready for a game of shinny.

Bonus points for wearing a mullet wig, and double bonus points if you sport a Parros ‘stache.

2.  The Stanley Cup . I’m telling you right now, you’re going to need a lot of tin foil, a bowl you don’t mind wearing on your head, a roll of silver duct tape, and maybe even some suspenders.


3.  Suited up player . It’s simple enough: if you own a suit, this could be a great, cheap option for you. You might have to spend time telling people what you are, but you can help make it more obvious by adding some tape on your nose or a creating a makeshift black eye. Cost of this option: free! (Unless you need to purchase eye shadow for the black eye, then you might need to muster up about $4.)

4.  The Crazed Fan : Unleash the inner fan we all know is inside of you. Go crazy, deck yourself out, paint your face, wear your favorite team’s colors, put streamers in your hair, and do whatever else you can think of! The more over the top you go, the more exciting your costume will look. Better yet, if you are friends with a talented artist, you can look something like this Sharks fan:

5. Green Man from Vancouver. If you’ve ever watched a Canucks game, chances are you’ve seen two men dressed head to toe in green spandex, taunting opposing team members during their trips to the penalty box. Root Suit sells the infamous suit for only $39.00.

The Only Thing Better than a Pumpkin is a Hockey Pumpkin

We here at Discount Hockey are willing to bet you’ve never thought about Halloween without thinking of the traditional carved pumpkins that line everybody’s front steps. The origin of the famed Jack-O-Lantern stems from Irish folklore about a man named Stingy Jack, who invited the devil over for a drink. Long story short, after some quarreling with the devil, Jack finally dies and comes back to roam earth with a burning soul inside of a carved out turnip. Hundred of years later, we have Jack to thank for the eerie toothless grins that we see each October 31st. To keep your hockey theme alive all the way down to your orange gourds, we’ve come up with some pretty sweet ideas on how to decorate and carve these orange fruits.

Stoneykins Pumpkin Patterns offers an entire page of NHL themed stencils for your pumpkin-carving needs.

If you’re not into the mess of seeds and gunk that comes with scooping out the guts of this Halloween squash, you can always paint your favorite team’s logo on it instead. Sans candle on the inside, it might now glow as brightly, but it’ll certainly save you the headache of a cleanup.

Building a Hockey Scarecrow

Growing up in a family with five hockey-playing boys, there was always a plethora of extra equipment lying around. Halloween served as the perfect excuse to take all the extras and create our own hockey player scarecrow for the front yard.

Step one: Gather equipment.

You WILL need:

  • Jersey
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Hockey pants
  • Hockey socks
  • Stick
  • Skates

You WON’T need:

  • Elbow pads
  • Shoulder pads
  • Shin guards

Your scarecrow will be stuffed underneath the jersey and socks, so no need for the items listed above.

Step two: Find stuffing.

If you live on a farm, maybe you have extra hay lying around that you could use for stuffing. If you live basically anywhere else, you might have better luck with some other materials. I’ve always used old newspapers for my scarecrows.

Other alternatives: towels you don’t use, pillows, or old clothes you don’t wear.

Step three: The odds and ends.

You WILL need:

  • Seven rubber bands (to tie closed the jersey and socks after you stuff them)
  • A good handful of safety pins
  • A pumpkin that will fit inside of the helmet
  • Two long broom handles if you want your scarecrow to stand
  • OR something you can put in your yard for your scarecrow to sit on instead. Our scarecrow sat in a wheelbarrow. It was the easiest way to place the scarecrow without worrying about it blowing over in the wind!

Step four: Assembly. 

Fill the jersey and both socks with enough stuffing to make them plump. The key is to make it look somewhat human, not deflated and lifeless. Tie together each end of an opening: the two sleeves, the bottom of the jersey, and the top and bottom of each of the socks.

Step five: Putting it all together. 

This part will require a bit of improvising depending on how you want your scarecrow to be viewed. The easiest way is sitting down. As mentioned, a wheelbarrow would be ideal but you could also use a low-to-the-ground lawn chair/beach chair or a garden bench. Place the shorts in the perfect position and pin each of the stuffed parts in their proper places (socks to the leg holes, jersey to the upper opening of the pants, etc. Seat your scarecrow in the position you desire and carefully place the pumpkin/helmet or helmet/mask combo on top of the upper body, the gloves on the ends of the tied jersey arms, and skates at the ends of the tied hockey socks. I’ve gotten away with being able to prop the head up without any problems, but this is where it might be easier to use a broom handle rather than chancing a balancing act.

And voilà! Your very own hockey scarecrow. So real! So scary! Wow! You’ll scare the neighbors away!!


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