Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior]Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior]
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Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior] Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior] Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior] Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior] Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior] Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior] Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior] Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior]

Warrior Ritual Leg Pads [Junior]

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Warrior Ritual Leg Pads Junior

You do your job religiously. The game depends on it. Designed with a goalie’s natural movements in mind, the Ritual Jr Leg Pad allows for easier butterflies, slides and blocks, including a unique post wedge panel that takes away the edge of the goal when you’re standing, limiting shot options.

All the features of the grown up pad, just designed for younger players. Block the puck, control the puck, clear the puck – with the Ritual sticks, blockers and gloves working in perfect concert. A full-throttle, heavy metal rock concert.


  • All nylon straps with fast clip system

  • Internal hinge design allows for flexibility through the knee and ankle while providing a sturdy structure to prevent pad shrinkage and settling

  • Outer wedge adds protection to the outer calf while creating a flush seal with the post.

  • Sliding Toe Bridge allows the pad to be worn snug to the goalie while providing a full range of movement throughout all aspects of a goalies game

  • Squared-up design creates a complete seal across the ice when in a butterfly

  • Exclusive "table top boot construction" allows the boot to sit and move on top of your skate, increasing mobility and coverage

  • Exclusive bindingless construction allows for a lightweight pad while increasing durability by taking away the typical wear points on leg pads

  • Rounded boot eliminates friction with the ice

  • Adjustable strap position offers a greater degree of strap placement customization

  • Contact us for additional colors and sizes


Player Profile Advanced
Pad Style Butterfly
Knee Break Lower Knee
# of Straps 4
Strap Type Leather and buckle
Adjustable Straps Yes
Thigh Extension +1.5" and knee guards
Knee Rolls Flat face
Toe Bridge Sliding toe bridge
Construction Bindingless construction
Warranty 30 Day Limited Warranty

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